HURRICANE FLORENCE – special announcement

Hey folks! With the predicted appearance of hurricane, Florence, we may get some rough weather. It’s important that you make some preparations before the storm. If you need assistance, please let us know before the storm. Don’t wait.

We’ll do our best to help. But, after the storm starts we may not be able to get to you.

You should:

  • Be sure you have drinking water on hand for a few days.
  • Especially for those who depend on well water, it might be good idea to fill your bathtub to provide water for flushing the toilet if the power goes out.
  • Buy some extra batteries for your flashlights.
  • Make sure you have some foods on hand that can be easily prepared.
  • Most importantly, stay safe. No need to take risks.

If you’re in danger in a low lying area, we want you safe. You should find higher ground now to safely weather the storm. Please, let us know now if you need help. We’ll help you find a safer location.

We’re praying for your safety as well as your families.