Summer Camp 2018 – HOT PURSUIT

Jesus is in HOT PURSUIT of YOU!

That’s what we will tell our campers and that is what this camp is all about. Jesus is in constant pursuit of you.

We want to show how much Jesus loves every one of our young people through activities, worship, teachings and the precious Word.

Our goal, our mission, is to build up mighty young men and women who know they are greatly loved by a heavenly Father! That they do not have to conform to this world’s way of doing things and being who they are not, but that they are perfect just how they are and are greatly loved!

June 10, 11 & 12, 2018

Cost: $110


Let’s get some required details taken care of. Before your child can attend there are two forms you will need.

First: an application form can be downloaded here or picked up at the church. This form also includes all the information you’ll need to make sure your child has a successful camp experience.

The application form includes

  • the church policy for campers,
  • what each camper should bring,
  • how you can help, and
  • the required medical form and permission form.

Each section must be completed before your child can attend camp.

Second: if you child requires any medications, the medication list must be completed and on file.

We’re looking forward to a great camp this year.

Each year we make sure all our kids can attend camp. We don’t turn kids away because of finances. If you would like to donate to sponsor a specific child or donate anonymously to fund the scholarship fund, please download this donation form.